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Throughout the year, we host multiple digital marketing workshops, masterclasses and events – both online and offline.

We love it when our community comes together for a fun and educational event so you can browse our upcoming events below... we try to create something for everyone!

Friday 5th August 2022 @ 12pm BST - Members Only

Come Chat With Us

Fancy spending your lunchtime with like-minded marketers?

Join us at 12pm on the first Friday of the month to have a casual networking chat. We're here to talk about anything that's on your mind! It's the best way to get the most out of this members-only community. 

Thursday 11th August 2022 @ 6pm-8pm BST - Members Only

Birmingham IRL Members Meet Up

Are you local to Birmingham? Come and join us for a coffee catch up and a talk about LinkedIn hosted by Olivia!

You must become a member register for a ticket. Limited capacity. 

Thursday 18th August 2022 @12pm BST - Members Only

Leveraging LinkedIn Ads

with Maninder Paul

As a B2B Paid Media Specialist, Maninder loves to share her passion for LinkedIn Ads, a marketing method that's still a mystery to most people. 

Join this virtual event as she shares why you should use LinkedIn Ads and how to create the right strategy for you 💸

Wednesday 24th August 2022 @12pm BST - Members Only

Making Creative Content for LinkedIn

with John Williamson

Who better to share the secrets of LinkedIn than a Senior Content Marketing Consultant who works for LinkedIn?

In this session, John will share how what creative content works on the platform – you're in for a treat! 

Thursday 25th August 2022 @ 6pm-8pm BST - Members Only

Manchester IRL Members Meet Up

We're coming back to Manchester! Fancy a drinks and coffee chat with us IRL? Come along for a casual evening of networking and an IRL talk!

You must become a member and register for a ticket. Limited capacity. 

Tuesday 30th August 2022 @ 6pm-8pm BST - Members Only

London IRL Members Meet Up

London's calling! Spend an evening with us in the big city and let's meet each other face-to-face! 

Olivia will also host a quick talk sharing how she grew Girls in Marketing to 100K on LinkedIn in 2 years.

You must become a member and register for a ticket. Limited capacity. 

Book a 1-1 Drop In

We're here to support you with any marketing or employability queries on your mind.

If you can't attend any events this month, you can book a 1-1 session with a member of the team, depending on what you need. Ask a specific marketing question or show us your CV for feedback. 

As a member, you can use our 1-1 drop in feature at any time and as many times as you like!

Monday 5th September 2022 @ 12pm BST - Members Only

Come Chat With Us

Our members-only community is most magical during our monthly Come Chat With Us sessions!

Join us at 12pm for casual conversations about our weekly tasks, marketing hiccups and more. Whether you're a new member or have been with us for a while, come and say hello. 

Wednesday 14th September 2022 @ 12pm BST - Members Only

How To Be a Brand On TikTok

with Vic Banham

With over 1.3 million followers on TikTok, it's safe to say Vic has mastered the art of the platform. 

Customers are demanding more authenticity, so Vic is here to share how to be a brand on TikTok. It's going to be unmissable!

Wednesday 28th September 2022 @12pm BST

Maximising TikTok Ads in 2022

with Yoann Pavy

Yoann is the CMO of Nude, an app to help you reach financial goals – it's also smashing its TikTok ads strategy!

You'll learn how to navigate your account, Spark Ads 101, the biggest TikTok SEO hack, targeting testing and MORE!

Recorded Webinars

Personal Brand & Personal Values: The Winning Combo

The rise in personal branding has seen an influx of people creating content on various marketing channels. It's a saturated place to be – so let's hand things over to the experts. 

Ready to watch this webinar with Claudia Cardinalli and Katy Leeson? Browse tons more recorded webinars below.

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Monday 3rd October 2022 @ 12pm BST

Come Chat With Us

There's nothing better than getting together with other marketers and having a chat! 

Join us at 12pm for a monthly catch up and let's talk about our marketing plans, weekly tasks and of course, TikTok trends!

Wednesday 12th October 2022 @ 1pm BST

Paid Social & Customer Journeys (A Match Made in Heaven!)

with Harriet Tuite

With a passion for all things paid, Harriet –Head of Paid Social at Embryo Digital – will be sharing the importance of leveraging your customer's journey.

Learn how paid social impacts other channels and the metrics you should be using!

Wednesday 28th October 2022 @12pm BST

The Power of PPC

with Chloe Wong

You might recognise Chloe as she's the wonderful marketer who created our PPC Action Plan! 

Group Paid Search Manager at easyJet with an award-winning team, Chloe is ready to share the true power of pay-per-click and how you can get started. 

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