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Looking to get up close and personal? We interview talented thought-leaders in the marketing space so you have an entire pool of advice on tap. 

From mental health and freelancing to becoming a CEO, no topic is off limits! Our podcast is a one-stop-shop for all things marketing and it’s the perfect backing track to a busy day on your laptop. 

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Season 3

New episodes every Wednesday!

Episode 35

Snack Ep #07: Who's to Blame for Greenwashing?

Grab a snack and listen to our 100% unedited and unfiltered opinions on marketing, social media, personal branding and more.

In this episode we discuss the idea of greenwashing, what it is and what responsibility marketers have for avoiding it.

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Episode 34

Leading Public Sector Marketing and Comms Campaigns with Rebecca Benn

In this episode, Olivia is joined by Rebecca Benn, Head of External Relations and Strategy (Defence Digital) for the UK Ministry of Defence. 

Rebecca is an experienced marketing and digital strategy communications specialist with over 16 years experience in data and technology. She has lots of public sector experience providing communication advice on high level national IT delivery projects. Most recently, Rebecca completed her MSc in Marketing and digital strategy.

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Episode 33

Halloween Spooky Special: Marketing Horror Stories

Happy Halloween Marketers! Join us for a special edition of the podcast talking about marketing horror stories. We share our own marketing horror stories as well as yours, our community.

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Episode 32

Snack Ep #06: How Influenced Are We By Influencers?

Grab a snack and listen to our 100% unedited and unfiltered opinions on marketing, social media, personal branding and more.

Recent research by Statista valued the influencer marketing space at a whopping 16.4 billion USD worldwide!

As the space continues to grow and more companies experiment with influencer marketing, the question is... how influenced are we by influencers?

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Episode 31

Using Marketing For Good with Ruth Hartnoll

In this episode Amy is joined by Ruth Hartnoll, CEO and Co-Founder of Matchstick Creative, a purpose-driven creative agency based in Liverpool.

We discuss leadership, mentoring and the importance of being a voice for other women in the industry as well as both Ruth and Matchstick’s shared mission of putting purpose before profit and working with other organisations who share the same values.

We covered a lot in this jam-packed episode, getting into the nitty gritty of everything from creative content to leadership and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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Episode 30

Snack Ep #05: The Creative CV Debate

Grab a snack and listen to our 100% unedited and unfiltered opinions on marketing, social media, personal branding and more.

Creative CVs have become more popular, especially for entry-level roles. We've seen cakes, balloons, pieces of clothing and so much more - but how effective really are creative CV's?

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Episode 29

Unpacking Gender in Marketing with Lidia Infante

In this episode, Olivia is joined by Lidia Infante, Senior SEO Manager for Sanity.io. She’s also a speaker for the likes of BrightonSEO and Mozcon as well as an author and verified on Twitter!

After first meeting at a Connective3 event early in 2022, Lidia and Olivia chat all things women in marketing. Why are men twice as likely to become director? Four times as likely to become CEO? We’re unpacking everything today.

If you want to learn more about gender and women in marketing, give this episode a listen.

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Episode 28

Snack Ep #04: What's Wrong with Unpaid Marketing Experience?

Grab a snack and listen to our 100% unedited and unfiltered opinions on marketing, social media, personal branding and more.

In this episode, the team discuss the topic of unpaid marketing experience and when, if ever, there's a time when it's ok.

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Episode 27

Consulting and Mentoring in Marketing with Veronica Wood Querales

Amy is joined by Veronica Wood Querales, Marketing and Communications Consultant, certified marketing mentor and B2B and SaaS specialist. During the early stages of the pandemic, Veronica took the leap into freelancing and started her consulting business Into The Woods Marketing. In this episode we talk about overcoming the fear of taking the next step in your career, finding your niche in B2B marketing and going from mentee to mentor and the benefits mentoring brings! If you’re thinking about what’s next in your career, listen in for some words of wisdom!

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Episode 26

Snack Ep #03: Is Organic Marketing Dead?

Grab a snack and listen to our 100% unedited and unfiltered opinions on marketing, social media, personal branding and more.

The question this week is about Organic Marketing and whether it's still where it's at! Listen to our thoughts in this chatty episode!

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Episode 25

Everything is Content with Marcus Dean | innocent drinks

Amy is joined by Marcus Dean, the Social Media Manager for innocent drinks UK. As a self-confessed stand-up comedian and witty tweeter, Marcus and his team is the brains behind some of innocent drinks most famous social media campaigns. Since starting in the role, Marcus has created THAT work from home post which got over 8 million impressions, changed its Insta profile pic to his own wedding photo, and crafted thousands of humorous social media pieces. In this episode, we chat all about channelling your inner writer, creating reactive content for a huge international brand and how to have fun on social media. To budding and current social media managers, this is one not to be missed!

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Episode 24

Snack Ep #02: Does Personal Branding REALLY Matter?

Grab a snack and listen to our 100% unedited and unfiltered opinions on marketing, social media, personal branding, and more.

In this episode we're talking about all things Personal Branding - what is it and does it really matter?

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Episode 23

Working in Paid Search with Anu Adegbola

Amy is joined by Anu Adegbola, Paid Search Account Director at Marin Software. In 2021, Anu was named in the Top 25 Influential PPCers, she's also the podcast host of PPC Chat Roundup as well as a speaker and founder of PPC Live UK. After 12+ years of working in paid search, Anu has stacked up a ton of knowledge that she shares during this episode. In particular, Anu talks about her love of giving back to the PPC community, the reality of being a company director, and how to deal with difficult clients. If you're a paid search fan and want to learn more about Anu's journey then this is the episode for you!

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Episode 22

Snack Ep #01: Started From The Bottom, Now We're Here

Welcome to our BRAND NEW Snack Episodes of the Girls in Marketing podcast. We've finally decided to expose our team chats and office debates for the world to hear – and we want you to get involved! So grab a snack and listen to our 100% unedited and unfiltered opinions on marketing, social media, personal branding and more.

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Episode 21

Thinking Outside The Box with Nathan Bickerton

Olivia is joined by Nathan Bickerton, a full-stack creative marketer who works at Rise at Seven and has previously interned with Steven Bartlett. Nathan talks about how he comes up with creative campaigns, tips and tricks for thinking outside the box as well as his crazy journey working for one of the biggest names in marketing. Within the episode, Nathan also talks of his mental health struggles and how he now deals with mental health in a workplace setting. If you’re someone who wants to get more creative and start thinking outside the box, this episode is definitely worth a listen.

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Episode 20 - Sponsored by Adobe Express

Mastering the Art of TikTok with Jazveena Sahota

Olivia is joined by Jazveena Sahota, Content and Social Manager at Slate Teams and TikTok Sensation with over 100,000 followers. Jaz chats all about her journey to 100K on the viral platform, the unfiltered world of TikTok content, and how you can start creating a sustainable TikTok strategy. Mastering the art of TikTok is something many marketers and business owners want to do in the current social media landscape, so if you’re interested in boosting your video content, be sure to give this episode a listen.

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Episode 19 - Sponsored by Adobe Express

Making Your PPC Campaign Click with Chloe Wong

Olivia is joined by Chloe Wong, Group Paid Search Manager at easyJet and easyJet Holidays. Chloe chats about setting up PPC campaigns, improving conversions for paid search, and how you can get started with a career in the industry. This episode focuses on paid search, the role it plays in our wider marketing industry, and what we can do to create the best PPC campaigns. With 8+ years of experience in the paid search space, Chloe's knowledge and insights into the industry are invaluable. Throughout this discussion, Chloe talks all about her journey and gives practical examples of how you can improve your paid search knowledge. 

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Episode 18

Navigating Data and Insights in Marketing with Thierry Ngutegure

Olivia is joined by Thierry Ngutegure, Head of Insights at Journey Further.   Thierry chats all about how data should be more creatively linked with storytelling in marketing, the impact of insights on marketing campaigns, and how to manage/use insights. This episode also touches on mental health as a young black man, the realities of suffering from imposter syndrome as a professional in the industry as well as thoughts on what public campaigns are doing to aid young black people to talk more openly about their mental health, especially within a workplace/professional setting. Thierry’s way of speaking creatively about using data is such a fresh take on everything we previously may have perceived about data in marketing.

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Episode 17

Building a Career in SEO with Rejoice Ojiaku

Olivia is joined by Rejoice Ojiaku, SEO Manager and Co-Founder of B-DigitalUK. Rejoice chats all about how she’s built a successful career in the SEO industry as well as giving tips and tricks for newbie SEO professionals. From running a community focused on giving opportunities to young black marketing talent, to running campaigns for multi-million-pound companies, Rejoice is an industry expert who has a lot of unique and interesting perspectives discussed throughout the episode.

If you’re someone who wants to learn more about building a career in the SEO and ASO industries, this is an episode for you. Equally, diversity and inclusion is a running theme of the podcast so it’s a great listen for anyone wanting to learn more about this.

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Episode 16 

Setting Boundaries as a Freelancer with Fiona Bradley

Olivia is joined by Fiona Bradley, Founder of FB Comms. Fiona discusses her transition from successful freelancer to agency owner as well as maintaining and setting boundaries with clients. From self-entering into globally-recognised awards to outsourcing projects, Fiona spills the tea on everything you need to know about being the best freelancer you can. Anyone interested in freelance marketing, or just curious about Fiona's journey so far should definitely give this a listen.

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Season 2

Episode 15 - Sponsored by Crunch and Kickresume

Beauty Marketing That Doesn't Blend In with Molly Hadfield

Olivia is joined by Molly Hadfield, Head of Social Media and Influencers at Tatti Lashes. Molly discusses how she secured her role at Tatti Lashes and why she chose to take the apprenticeship career route into marketing, instead of studying at University. From securing the perfect influencers to keeping up to date with the latest social trends, Molly shares why Tatti Lashes uses social media to keep ahead of their game in the beauty industry. Beauty lovers, you'll want to give this episode a listen.

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Episode 14 - Sponsored by Crunch and Kickresume

Underpin Your Marketing Strategy with Tami Abonga

Olivia is joined by Tami Abonga, Pinterest Manager at Fresh Pin Studio. Tami discusses her role as Pinterest Manager, telling us what her role actually entails. She shares the latest Pinterest marketing tips, including how to keep up with new updates and how to integrate Pinterest within your marketing strategy. Tami also spills the marketing tea on how many businesses are sleeping on the opportunity to use Pinterest to drive traffic. You won't want to miss this one. 

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Episode 13 - Sponsored by Crunch and Kickresume

Being a Successful Leader with Viv Paxinos

Olivia is joined by Viv Paxinos, General Manager of UNiDAYS. Viv discusses her extensive experience in the marketing industry, including working for Unidays, BBC, and Discovery. Since becoming a General Manager for UNiDAYS in 2019, she has worked on a huge scope of projects, including working with well-known brands such as Nike and Nikon. Viv also shares her experience with networking and explains why she still values networking today. 

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Episode 12 - Sponsored by Crunch and Kickresume

Pitching, Writing and Blogging with Fiona Thomas

Olivia is joined by Fiona Thomas, freelance writer and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book, Out of Office, a no-nonsense guide to freelancing. In the past, Fiona has written hundreds of mental health articles for publications such as Reader’s Digest, Grazia, and Metro. In this episode, we chat about how to pitch to journalists as a freelance writer, the benefits of starting a blog, and celebrating yourself.

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Episode 11 - Sponsored by Crunch and Kickresume

Freelancing Your Way Through Life with Jess Bruno

Olivia is joined by Jess Bruno, a freelance Content Marketer and Copywriter. For the last 10 years she’s been managing accounts for creative individuals and brands. She credits her success to social media marketing and she’s all about empowering her clients, one post at a time. In this episode, we chat about the progression into being your own boss, knowing when to give yourself a break and how to see social media as a tool rather than an extension of yourself.

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Episode 10

Climbing the Career Ladder with Karina Scott

Olivia is joined by Karina Scott, Founder of Girl About Social and Social Media Manager. Before starting her own agency during the 2020 pandemic, Karina worked her way up from Intern to Marketing Manager. After 7+ years in the corporate marketing industry, Karina sat down (after losing her job) and contemplated what she REALLY wanted out of her career. In this episode, we chat about climbing the career ladder, starting a business, and doing what you love. 

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Season 1

Episode 9

Rising to CEO with Carrie Rose

Olivia is joined by Carrie Rose, Co-founder and CEO of Rise at Seven. Carrie is an absolute marketing and PR powerhouse with a world-class agency team that is growing every day. Now with over 70 members of staff, Rise at Seven is one of the most sought-after agencies in the UK (and the world!). But what does it take to run such a successful business and who actually IS Carrie Rose? In this episode, we chat about getting hate online, the controversy of creative CV's and rising to become a world-leading CEO.

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Episode 8

From Bio-Med Grad to Creative Agency Founder with Francesca Kuhanuka

Olivia and Martha are joined by Francesca Kuhanuka, Founder of Vero Creative Agency. Francesca set up Vero during the Coronavirus pandemic after discovering her true purpose of going down her own path. Bio-med graduate turned marketing and creative whizz, Francesca has since worked with a number of clients from across the globe. The girls talk about transitioning careers from the corporate world, the rise of video content, and running a creative marketing agency.

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Episode 7

Creating Your Own Opportunities with Lauren Evans

Olivia and Martha are joined by Lauren Evans, a positivity queen with a love for Disney and the marketing industry. Lauren is the Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator at Girls in Marketing as well as a Marketing Executive for a small UK-based digital agency. Lauren talks about blogging, volunteering and how she landed 2 marketing jobs in 2021. The girls talk about creating your own opportunities to help you stand out when applying for roles and provide actionable tips and tricks to help you on your way to becoming the ultimate marketing boss.

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Episode 6

So You Want to Work in Fashion Marketing? with Shannon Jennings

Olivia and Martha are joined by Shannon Jennings who is Influencer, Social Media and Content Marketing Lead for The VERY Group. Shannon talks about her experience setting up her side project: The CLCK and gives actionable tips and tricks for all those looking to start their fashion marketing journey. The girls talk about creating a clear career vision and aligning your day-to-day work with it as well as the competitive world of fashion.

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Episode 5

Perfecting Your Personal Brand with Claudia Cardinali

Olivia and Martha are joined by Claudia Cardinali who currently helps to build some of the UK’s biggest CEO’s and Founders into industry-leading influential figures on LinkedIn at Great Influence, to discuss all things personal branding. Claudia talks about how you can create your own personal brand through honing in on your passions and emphasises the importance of forgetting what people say to overcome the fear of showing up online.


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Episode 4

The Ins and Outs of Influencer Marketing with Hester Bates

Olivia and Martha are joined by Hester Bates, Marketing Director of Influencer, to discuss the role of influencers in modern business and marketing strategies as well as the influencer marketing world. Interested in pursuing a career in influencer marketing or working with influencers in your day-job? Hester spills all the influencer marketing secrets and gives her top tips for success.

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Episode 3

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 and Where We've Been

We're FINALLY back and bigger than ever before. Since the Girls in Marketing Podcast took a back seat throughout last year after launching, we wanted to come back with a BANG. The podcast is now co-hosted with Founder, Olivia, and one of the Girls in Marketing team, Martha, who will be joined every episode by a guest speaker with an industry/niche focus. We're so excited to finally be back again and hope you enjoy our relaunch episode. 

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Episode 2

Digital Marketing and Coronavirus: The Impact COVID-19 Is Having on the Digital World

From how to gain marketing experience during lockdown, to the way that tech giants are adapting to the new 'digital' way of life; Olivia, Suzie, and Emma chat about how COVID-19 has impacted them and those around them in the industry as well as talk about what's been going on in the marketing world including how certain businesses have adapted their digital marketing strategy to work during Coronavirus.

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Episode 1

Let's Talk about Girls in Marketing - The Girl Power Revolution

Olivia, Emma, and Suzie chat about what life is like as a marketer as well as introduce themselves and what their job role is within the marketing industry. What can businesses do to get involved in digital marketing? What impact has the Coronavirus had on businesses and their online presence? How can digital marketers use their time wisely and join the global marketing community that is, Girls in Marketing.

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