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Whether you’re in the marketing space or not, we are always actively seeking businesses and educational institutes to work with. We can create a powerful partnership and provide you with the opportunity to tap into a community of 170K+ marketers. 

University or College

I represent a university or college in the UK and we are looking to enhance our students' experience

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I represent a UK-based or international business and we are looking for marketing training or ways to share our message with marketers

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Work in collaboration with Girls in Marketing

Enhance your students’ learning experience

We want to support your educational institution in teaching the future voices of marketing.

We can collaborate with your educational institute to host a powerful and interactive guest lecture, led by our Founder Olivia Hanlon, that will strengthen student confidence and equip them with real-world skills.

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Partner or sponsor with Girls in Marketing

Have your businesses seen by thousands of marketers

Looking to leverage a community of over 170K+ marketers and spread your message across our engaged community? We can work together to create an impactful campaign that raises the profile of your business on an extraordinary level.

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Get training with Girls in Marketing

Employee training tailored to your business

If you’re a UK-based SME business that needs support with their marketing strategy, we would love to talk to you about our bespoke marketing training and consultancy for businesses. 

Slice costs in half by teaching your current staff members how to effectively run marketing campaigns, grow your organic social media channels, set up a blog and much more.

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Feedback from businesses and universities

Hear from some of the previous businesses and universities we have worked with to provide marketing support and exciting sponsored campaigns...

“The extensive knowledge and added value throughout the presentation was fabulous. The presentation was systematic, taking students through the career options in this area, through to some fundamental digital marketing skills and then on to how to prepare themselves for a career in this area.

We also felt Olivia considered the audience well and made it accessible to those who had very little to no marketing knowledge, but shared at a level that would still educate and inspire those who had studied the subject.”

- Tasha, Careers Engagement Co-ordinator at Leeds Beckett University


“After so long away from the hustle and bustle of University life and face-to-face interaction, a key priority for us at Manchester Met is to rebuild a sense of student community.

We couldn't have chosen a better guest in Olivia and the team at Girls in Marketing to engage and inspire our students to up-skill and reconnect with the wider marketing community.”

- David, Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University


“Really insightful and interesting as always, thank you so much! It's mad how much you can learn and take away from a one-hour session.”

- Undergraduate Student at Leeds Beckett University

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