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10 TikTok Accounts You Need to Follow for Marketing Advice

social media Apr 07, 2021

TikTok has cast a spotlight on businesses and content creators worldwide. The app is now worth over $50 billion, which isn't that surprising. We've spent countless hours scrolling through addictive videos. However, there are a few particular accounts we've fallen head over heels for when it comes to TikTok Marketing. Here are some of our favourites (in no particular order) that you should follow for all the latest and greatest marketing info. Trust us when we say they're changing the marketing game!

Jera Foster-Fell (@jera.bean)

If you're always wondering how on Earth people follow the crazily creative TikTok trends, look no further! Known as the TikTok BFF, Jera Foster-Fell (@jera.bean) has all the tips and tricks for tackling the latest trends. Jera's trend tutorials are essential for staying relevant in the TikTok algorithm.

Jera is a prime example of how to use TikTok for marketing, as her niche is Social Media advice - which millions of people crave every day (literally, she has over 1 million followers). What makes her content so genuine is that Jera doesn't hold back on sharing the greatest tips, she wants to help others have the best accounts possible. We love a supportive Queen!

Nicole Wong (@heynicolewong)

We're all about the free resource life, and that's why Nicole Wong (@heynicolewong) is taking TikTok by storm. By uploading daily TikTok and Instagram hacks, Nicole's lifestyle posts are relatable for everyone. Want to know how influencers get those ridiculously perfect shots so that you can do the same? You're not the only one. Nicole's TikTok Marketing all comes down to crafting easy Instagram story templates, showing the reality behind photos and making us laugh while she does so.

Yasmin Flowers (@flo.creative)

You can't go wrong with absorbing some creative knowledge from a Marketing Assistant. Yasmin Flowers (@flo.creative) posts portfolio and marketing insights on TikTok. From CV templates and portfolio ideas to a look into life as a Fashion Marketing student. Also, Yasmin has created elaborately designed campaigns featuring the likes of GAP and Troye Sivan, which we have no doubt will be snatched up in future.

Social Jazz (@socialjazz)

Are you intrigued to figure out how to use TikTok for marketing? You should definitely be following Social Jazz (@socialjazz), the Social Media Manager with all the TikTok marketing gossip. Social Jazz will inspire you to make your Social Media stand out through effective content pillars, humourous videos and all the dos and don'ts. In addition to her TikToks being informative, you can actually take what she's saying and apply it to your own brand. Even if you're not a business owner, Social Jazz has something for everyone.

Mary-Anne Da'Marzo (@maryannedamarzo)

With an Instagram aesthetic to die for, Mary-Anne Da'Marzo (@maryannedamarzo) has taken to TikTok. Whilst teaching us things she's learned about the digital marketing world, Mary-Anne's content is all about addressing all areas of the industry. From SEO hacks to Canva tips, her account is constantly relevant. She always appears on TikTok's for you page, as her intriguing videos gain a lot of attention.

Wave Wyld (@wavewyld)

Another killer account for keeping up with TikTok trends is the brilliant Wave Wyld (@wavewyld). Always enthusiastic, beaming with new ideas and ahead of trending audios, Wave Wyld's videos are a must. Honestly, she posts audios before they blow up online. We're also obsessed with the way she wears a sparkly crown in a lot of her content - TikTok royalty? Yes, honey!

Hannah Eve (@itshannaheve)

Whilst living it up in Chicago, Hannah Eve (@itshannaheve) is sharing all there is to know about starting your own business. As well as this, Hannah touches on subjects such as rate of pay in a marketing role, how to be successful and stay productive. In contrast to the marketing TikToks, Hannah has the most gorgeous French Bulldog which is the perfect addition to her loveable content.

Marketing With Sam (@marketingwithsam)

On TikTok, we want to consume digestible content within 2-3 seconds before deciding to stay and watch the whole thing. Marketing With Sam (@marketingwithsam) has videos that grab you hook, line and sinker. We're obsessed with her 'marketing to help you grow' niche, as she's all about working together. Sam dips into topics such as SMS Marketing, how to make screenshots look stunning, and building websites with no coding. Her videos are pretty diverse, which is a reason why her following grows daily.

Amber Romero (@acreativeco)

An Agency Owner and TikTok marketing superstar with endless Social Media tips? You must be talking about Amber Romero (@acreativeco). With nearly 1 million likes on the machine of an app, Amber's content includes hints such as how to write captions for your social posts, the best resources in the industry and Social Media news. Her content is really clear and easy to watch, which is obvious on her profile too. All of her videos are clearly titled, making navigating her TikTok as easy as poss!

Girls in Marketing (@girlsinmarketingg)

You didn't expect us to talk about TikTok marketers without mentioning our own, did you? Babe, we've got you covered for all things marketing. In our 60 seconds or fewer videos, we break down the most useful marketing resources for you to save and send to your fellow marketing Queens. Check us out here, and become part of the TikTok marketing revolution.

Written by Lauren Evans