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Listen to industry experts share their marketing secrets with our educational webinars and workshops. From PR practises and email marketing hacks to GDPR laws and paid media demos, you will never be short of something to watch. 

Learn on the go, at your desk or on the sofa of an evening. The choice is yours.

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Put Pen to Paper: Becoming a Convincing Copywriter

According to Grammarly, 32% of consumers said brands stand out more when they use compelling storytelling – so it's time to get your writer's hat on!

This highly commended webinar, hosted by our Founder Olivia, covers copywriting versus content marketing; the golden rules of crafting copy and the best formulas you can takeaway today!

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Looking to get to understand the data protection laws behind your marketing strategy? 

Experienced Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Data Protection Solicitor Leanne Yendell shares the compliance regulations you need to be aware of as a marketer. 

This workshop is jam-packed with important information so grab a notebook and let's get learning!

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Join the wonderful Florence Welke, the Senior PR UK & DE Comms Strategist at Lush Cosmetics. In this webinar, she talks about the importance of regional PR and local communities.

It's time to put the human connection back into public relations campaigns through heartwarming campaigns and personable stories. Use our handy worksheet whilst you're watching too!

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Personal Brand & Personal Values: The Winning Combo

The rise in personal branding has seen an influx of people creating content on various marketing channels. It's a saturated place to be – so let's hand things over to the experts. 

Katy Leeson and Claudia Cardanlli have over 20 years of experience in marketing combined and our powerhouses when it comes to communicating their personal brands. 

Ready to learn the secret sauce? Hint: it's all about you.

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As an eCommerce expert and self-confessed meme addict, Bek is the perfect person to share the ins and outs of Facebook Ad campaigns.  

This in-depth webinar explains the importance of leading with value, the power of retargeting and how to upsell on eCommerce sites. 

If you're a marketer with a paid ads budget, this webinar is unmissable. 

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Our own Head of Marketing, Amy, has 7+ years of marketing experience and has steadily worked her way up in the industry. 

The majority of the marketing, advertising and PR industry is made up of talented women and men are still twice as likely to become a director. 

With more women needed in senior roles, this webinar is a vital resource to help you climb the career ladder with confidence.

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Just attended a brilliant webinar hosted by Girls in Marketing on copywriting. It’s great to have these short but insightful webinars to keep my skills up to date and bring fresh ideas into work!"

- Rebecca

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