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Taking the plunge to invest in your professional development is scary, and we know it’s a big commitment to join a membership community like ours. We’ve been growing this community for over a year now so you can rest assured knowing you’re in safe hands.

Need reminding what’s included?

You’ve probably already heard the words “action plans” and “templates” by now. But what are you actually getting every month? Let’s take a look... 

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We promise to deliver at least 3 events to you every single month! 

  • Empowering workshops with industry experts
  • Casual networking chats
  • A mixture of in-person and virtual

There's no pressure to join live, you'll be able to rewatch our webinars.

Guided Action Plans

Wave goodbye to Google, because our action plans are here to stay!

These step-by-step guides will help you to complete a marketing task from A to B, with all the information, templates and resources you need to succeed. (You'll get 1 per month minimum!)


Looking for marketing and employability templates created and designed by marketing experts? We've got you.

Our Members Area is home to tons of carefully-curated templates to maximise your productivity - you'll get two NEW templates every month!

Content Library

Filled with a variety of digital marketing topics, our content library has tons of written and video content for you to enjoy. 

Best part? You get access to a backlog of previous months if you sign up today.

Drop Ins

Every month, we release a selection of bookable drop-in slots so you can get 1-1 support from the Girls in Marketing team. 

Got a specific question on your mind? Our advice is on tap.

Caring Community

Find comfort in an online community at your fingertips all day, every day. 

For discussions, join our:

  • Slack channel
  • Private Instagram
  • Whatsapp group chats


Francesca Pearson, Account Manager

"I love feeling more in-the-know about the next best marketing innovations and industry tips and tricks - I’m finding this added insight really beneficial to my role and also personal development. The team at Girls in Marketing are also super lovely and I enjoy taking part in all the chats and career guidance sessions."


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This is YOUR opportunity for the taking 

Our Members Society is a learning platform, so our monthly themes and workshops are readily available for you to return to time and time again. Squeeze as much out of it as possible! You’ll get out of it what you put in. 

Book a drop-in, start a conversation on Slack, ask for help, turn up to our Zoom chats. This is YOUR opportunity and marketing safe space; use it however you like ❤️

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