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A place for you to feel educated, empowered and connected in the marketing industry.

Whether you're a polished professional or a marketer-to-be, you will gain access to a supportive community and marketing resources that have the potential catapult your career journey 🚀

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Did you know the Members Society counts towards your professional training? 💪


As an e-learning platform and networking tool, the Members Society can aid your professional development and marketing training. Most employers will be happy to fund your subscription as part of your allocated training budget, so you can relax and stay with us for longer!

Want to pitch your membership to your employer? Download the Members Society Guide for Employers and simply email it across to your manager or set up a meeting. 

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Meet Becca, a loyal Members Society marketer 💅

"The thing I enjoy most about being a member is the people you get to meet. They are, almost all, in the same position as you in wanting to grow and learn so you can really bounce off each other and support one another."



"It’s the most supportive, talented bunch of women with a range of different expertise, with resources at your fingertips 24/7. It doesn't matter what stage of your Marketing career you are at or, haven't yet started. Everyone has something to learn from one another."

- Emily Morcumb, Account Manager

What's included in the Members Society?


Multiple educational events with industry-experts and empowering networking chats every month

Content Library

Regularly updated content library, including exclusive blogs, workbooks, and webinars


From marketing-specific reporting templates to employability templates and much more!

Action Plans

We've created tons of action plans which are step-by-step guides to help you carry out a specific marketing project

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Get ready to tackle any marketing task...

Our unlimited members have access to resources that guide them through implementing a certain marketing task step-by-step. Need to set up an SEO strategy? Or create a lead magnet? Our Action Plans are here to save the day 🌟 

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Upcoming Months

Every month we have a specific focus in our Members Society, here are the upcoming monthly topics for 2022.


LinkedIn 📲


TikTok 🎥


Paid Media 💸


Strategy Planning ✍️


Marketing Trends (2023) 📈

Membership Packages

If you're a student or aspiring marketer checkout here for 25% discount off your monthly membership.

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Annual Member

£199.99 per annum

✅ Everything included in the "Unlimited" members package.

✅ Discounted price as membership is paid for on a per year basis.



£17.99 per month

for those looking to invest in their marketing journey and join the exclusive community.

✅ Monthly Virtual Events (including casual networking, CV clinics, and educational workshops.)

✅  In-depth Action Plans (to help you complete a plan/strategy/campaign from start to finish.)

✅  Marketing and Employability Templates (designed especially by marketing experts.)

✅  Content Library (filled with hours' worth of valuable content.)

✅  Private Instagram, Whatsapp Groups, Slack Channel and MUCH MORE!



Prices available on request

get individual membership plans for your entire team.

✅ Everything included in the "Unlimited" members package.

✅ Discounted price per user (must be 3+ users.)