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Marketing & Employability Templates

Tons of useful B2B and B2C templates to enhance your marketing skills 🚀

Whether you're a newbie marketer or are looking to dive deeper into a new discipline, we're constantly developing a range of templates that are at your fingertips 24/7.

We also have a range of employability templates to help you land the job of your dreams. 

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Strategy & Planning
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Career & Employability

Strategy & Planning

Creative Brief Template

Are you eager to develop and implement a successful creative strategy in your workplace?

The best place to start is a brief to ensure communication is strong and your strategy is effectively communicated through different marketing channels.

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Customer Persona Template

As a marketer, it's essential to know exactly WHO you're speaking to and creating content for.

Having accurate customer personas can increase your sales, leads, and general marketing strategy.

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Competitor Analysis Template

Do you need to contextualise your market research? Assessing your competitors' strategies will help yours succeed!

Check out this customisable competitor analysis template and get started now. 

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2022 Marketing Plan Template

Organise your whole year of digital marketing plans for 2022 in one template. Plan out your paid campaigns, content marketing and much more. 

Use this template no matter what you're planning, and delete any segments that don't apply to the marketing plan you're putting together.

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Weekly Social Media Content Plan Template

Whether you're freelancing in socials or creating content is part of your full-time role, it's so important to plan, plan, plan!

Use our weekly social media content planner to organise your socials in advance.

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Monthly/Yearly Social Media Content Plan Template

Do you prefer to plan your social media content a month, or even a year, in advance?

With this adaptable monthly or yearly template, you can be organised until your heart is content!

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SWOT Analysis Report

Understanding our strengths and weaknesses will help to elevate our marketing strategies. 

Adopt the classic SWOT approach by using our template and assess the effectiveness of your brand or campaign. 

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Digital PR Tracking Sheet

Need one place to organise all of your digital features and awards?

This handy template allows your to track the status of each PR outreach so it's easy to follow and update. 

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Social Media

Paid Social Reporting Template

Utilise this template in your weekly reports to showcase how performance has changed vs last week and last month. Copy & paste relevant data from ads manager into the blank boxes, and the pre-populated formulas will do the rest!

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Instagram Content and Engagement Planner

Plan, create, and implement an organic Instagram strategy using this FREE content and engagement planner. Track your marketing metrics to help with end-of-month reports and aid you in your successful social media career.

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B2B Social Media Content Ideas Template

Looking for ways to shake up your B2B social media content and increase engagement?

Use this template for tips on how to use different platforms to your advantage and get some content ideas to level up your social media game!

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Social Media Audit Template

Looking to put together a social media audit and don't know where to start?

Use this template to create an in-depth social media audit that has all the bells and whistles to woo your employer or client.

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LinkedIn and Instagram Caption Template

Struggling to clearly convey your message in social media copy? These two templates for LinkedIn and Instagram will help you to create a scroll-stopping caption. 

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ABC's of SEO Guide

Looking to become familiar with SEO terms? Check out this exclusive guide filled with the ABCs of SEO. 

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SEO Internal Linking Template

Need a hand figuring out how to best structure your internal linking to ensure all pages get link equity? 

Customise this handy sheet for any website you're currently working on the internal linking for and you'll be set for success. 

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SEO Title Tag and Meta Description Template

Keeping track of your title tags, meta descriptions, H1 titles, keywords, and onsite optimisation is overwhelming.

Use this sheet to concisely keep track of all the changes you've made on a website and keep your SEO in check.

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Career & Employability

Cover Letter Template

Getting your best self across during your application process can be difficult, but it's not impossible! 

Clearly outline your interests, accomplishments, and reasons for applying with our cover letter template.

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CV Template: Design 1

Need to ✨ spice ✨ up your CV to help you land the job of your dreams? We've got you covered. This template is simple yet sophisticated and therefore perfect for a corporate role. Choose from 2 template versions depending on your seniority.

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CV Template: Design 2

Get a little more creative with your CV design by adding some colour and changing up the look with icons. This template is ideal for more creative or agency-based roles. Choose from 2 template versions depending on your seniority.

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