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Guides & Action Plans 

Action Plans are all-in-one comprehensive guides to aid you with the tools you need to implement a marketing task, or even land your dream job 🚀 

Action Plans contain a range of blogs, checklists, spreadsheets, workbooks, recorded webinars, templates and more! 

Follow them step-by-step to unlock your marketing potential 🔓


Starting Your First Marketing Job 💼

The #1 question we get asked is... "What is the best advice for someone starting their first marketing job?"

In this action plan, we'll answer this question with templates, blogs and advice from your fellow members 🥰

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Pitch for a Promotion 🎯

Whether you're looking elsewhere for a promotion or you're going for a role internally, this action plan will equip you will the tools and advice you need to succeed. 

Unlock your future with this practical support 🔓

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Get Hired! 📝

Looking to land your dream marketing role? We've got THE action plan for you. Let's dive into CV's, cover letters, and interviews (of all kinds) so we can skyrocket you to success 🚀

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Organise and Implement a Virtual Event 📅

Our entire world has shifted and has learned to become accustomed to virtual events. You might have attended LOTS in the past, but have you ever organised one yourself?

If you're ready to combine your marketing skills with events planning, get started now 💪

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How to Start and Market a Professional Podcast 🎙️

Testing...testing... 1,2,3! Recording podcasts is just another way to repurpose your content and connect with customers in a personal way.

Before you start, produce and market your podcast, complete this action plan step-by-step 🎤

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Create and Implement a B2C Content Marketing Strategy ✍️

There is a lot to creating the perfect content marketing strategy as a B2C organisation so we’ve created this all-in-one action plan to help you on your way, marketer.

Ready to dive in? There's never been a better time to become a content marketing wizard 🪄

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Build and Start a Business Blog ⌨️

Handling a business blog is usually something marketers are tasked with, but it can be tricky to start things from scratch. 

If you're ready to get cracking and lay the foundations for a successful professional blog, start here 🔑

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Carry Out an Influencer Marketing Campaign 🎥

Looking to onboard influencers for a new marketing campaign? After all, they are the future!

Complete this action plan for advice, templates and more 💻 

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Create and Implement an SEO Strategy 📈

SEO can seem like a minefield to marketers who aren't familiar with it, even if you've been exposed to SEO, there is still so much to learn. Want to know how you can create and implement an SEO strategy yourself? Let's go 💫

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Construct a B2B Social Media Strategy 📲

We talk a lot about targeting customers from a B2C perspective... but what about B2B? Let's look at the tools and techniques you can use to entice other businesses... 👀

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