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Express Your Personal Brand: 

The Ultimate Toolkit for Marketers

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As marketers, we're familiar with creating and developing brands for businesses, but how often do we think about our personal brands?

According to a study by Brand Builders Group, Google search volume for "personal brand" has grown over 4x in recent years, demonstrating the rising importance of personal branding.

We've created a FREE Toolkit in collaboration with Adobe Express to help you become a personal branding expert.

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What is it?

The ultimate all-in-one personal branding toolkit for marketers 

This toolkit is packed with all the practical guidance and support you need to express yourself confidently and creatively through building a solid personal brand.

You'll learn everything from what a personal brand is and how to identify your personal values to implementing your personal brand both online and offline.

As well as comprehensive advice, you'll also gain access to lots of informative demos showing you how to use the Adobe Express platform to create amazing content.

Who is the toolkit for?

Anyone who wants to take their personal brand to the next level!

If you're a marketer looking to improve your employability, create career opportunities and learn new skills through developing your personal brand, this is the toolkit for you!

Whether you already have a personal brand or you're looking to build one from scratch, we've got something for everyone.

What's included?

This one-of-a kind self-paced resource will help give your personal brand the boost it needs.

Whether you prefer to assign time each day or learn on the go, this toolkit can be taken with you anywhere.

The toolkit includes practical demos, webinars, guides and checklists covering the following personal branding topics:

Introduction to Personal Branding

Understand Your Values 

Implement Your Personal Brand

Enhance Your Career Progression 

Build a Personal Brand Offline

Meet the Toolkit Creators

Girls in Marketing are a partner of Adobe Express and we put our heads together to think of how we could create something educational and practical to help you really boost your personal brand.

Adobe Express is an online and mobile design app that allows you to create anything you need, all in one place, with intuitive tools that let you remove backgrounds, animate text, add your brand assets, and more. 

This toolkit will help take your personal brand to new heights and equip you with practical guidance and demos on how to use the Adobe Express platform to put your personal brand into practice.

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