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Ready to unlock a new marketing talent?

Discover our range of digital marketing eCourses. Written by marketers, our eCourses are formulated for busy professionals looking to take their marketing skill set to the next level. Designed to be completed in your spare time, our eCourses are totally self-paced for accessibility and ease of learning.

Exclusive eCourse 🚀

Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing  Strategy with Oxford College of Marketing

With 4.55 billion active users on social media, it's time to figure out a way to cut through the noise and access your customer.

With inclusive interviews with powerhouses Innocent Drinks and Browniegod, you will have the opportunity to hear from real-life business about the impact of social media marketing. 

Learn about organic marketing from the Founder of Girls in Marketing and how to impleement paid ad campaigns from a leading UK marketing college, Oxford College of Marketing. 

Ready to unlock your inner social media superstar?

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Tackling Project Management as a Marketer

A big part of being a marketer requires tackling many projects. From campaign creation to client connection, this mini-course will help you brush up on your project management skills.

We will cover project management models, the project management lifecycle and how to implement your new skills.

Certificate available on completion!

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Leveraging Your LinkedIn: Grow, Impact and Influence

Did you know that as of 2021, LinkedIn has over 740 million users? LinkedIn is packed with endless possibilities ranging from networking and paids ads to personal branding and lead generation. 

If you have already conquered Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, it might be time to try your hand at something new. Learn how to organically grow a business page on LinkedIn, and create a strategic social media post plan and test your knowledge with an end-of-course quiz.

Certificate available on completion!

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The Basics of Copywriting

Writing is an easy part of marketing, right? Writing may be easy - but writing well is a different story.

Words make the world go around. Are you using them to their utmost advantage in your marketing copy?

Let's conquer the copywriting world together with this members only mini-course.

Certificate available on completion!

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The Fundamentals of GDPR

Why is data protection important?

How do you ensure your business is GDPR compliant?

In this members only mini-course you'll gain basic GDPR training, understand the DOs and DONTs when it comes to GDPR and learn how to incorporate GDPR into your digital marketing strategy. 

Certificate available on completion!

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“Our eCourses are some of the first things Girls in Marketing started producing back in 2019 and they are the very foundation of what we believe in; accessible and affordable online learning.”

- Olivia Hanlon, Founder of Girls in Marketing

"It’s only my second week since taking this course and I’ve already made around £450, I'm not sure if that’s good or bad for others but to me that’s amazing!! Especially after losing my job due to lockdown. I can't thank you enough for this 💖"

- Cara

"Thank you ever so much for creating such an informative course. I have loved every minute of completing it. Found it very useful and it has given me that little nudge that I needed to start freelancing."

- Hannah

"Before taking the course, I had no idea about the different freelancing platforms like Upwork, which is beneficial to know as a beginner. The eCourse has been written really clearly and concisely, with a friendly tone, and covered everything I needed to know about getting started."

- Eloise

Looking for further training?

As well as our self-paced eCourses, you can enhance your skill set by delving into extra workshops and step-by-step actions plans focused on the practical and technical elements of marketing.

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