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Training scheme tailored to your business

Six month bespoke marketing strategy training

Teach your employees the long-term strategy behind your marketing activities with an engaging and interactive approach to training.

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Invest in the future of your business

Let’s face it: fleshing out a successful marketing strategy usually requires hiring senior marketing talent. It can be a difficult (and costly) road to take, especially if you already have a small team of marketers helping you. 

We developed our Bespoke Marketing Strategy Training to train and upskill your current employees so that they can implement a strategic marketing plan which helps to grow your business and generate leads.

Tailored to your industry, our training scheme will save you high-ticket agency costs and future-proof your marketing efforts.

Turning daily knowledge into a long-term game plan

One-on-one strategy sessions 

Up to three professional marketers from our team will host an on-site or virtual strategy session every month for six months. Taking in consideration the overarching aim of your business, together we will put together a prolonged marketing strategy to help achieve your collective goals. In each of these sessions, you can expect to receive:

  • Tailored discussions to help compose your long-term marketing strategy
  • Initial strategy planning timelines
  • Mindmap of ideas and actionables from each session
  • Recording of strategy session for reference

Any number of marketers from your company can join these one-on-one sessions. 

Turning daily knowledge into a long-term game plan

Chosen topic training session

Alongside your strategy training, you also have the opportunity to focus your marketing training in one of the following areas:

Copywriting, SEO, Organic Social Media, Email Marketing, Email Automation, Community Building, Branding, Content Marketing, Podcasting, Influencer Marketing

On a monthly basis, these training sessions will help your marketing team to build on their current skills and better understand how they can leverage the rest of your business activity.

Any number of marketers from your company can join your chosen topic session.


An extensive content library to support your training

Unlimited access to our marketing membership for businesses

In-person or virtual training discussions are the biggest generator of new ideas and plans, but it is just as important to practise your skills outside of face-to-face sessions. 
Included in your training package, you will also receive unlimited access to our marketing membership for businesses; an expansive content library with step-by-step guides, tutorials, blogs, action plans and templates.

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Contactable throughout your training scheme

Ongoing email and WhatsApp support

Our support doesn’t end once your training sessions are over. We know how important human connection is in order to learn and develop your professional skills, and reach new heights in your career.

Throughout your entire six month training scheme, we will ensure a member of our team is always contactable for any questions or concerns you might have.

Who is the training scheme for?

This training scheme is perfect for small or medium-sized businesses with a team of 1-4 marketers. Need a more long-term approach to your company’s marketing plans? It is the best way to attract steady and sustainable growth.

If you feel as though the underlining strategy in your daily marketing tasks are getting lost, this scheme is perfect for you.

I am an employer

I’m interested in learning more about this training scheme including what’s involved and how it will help my marketing team.

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I am an employee

I’m interested in understanding how this training will enhance my marketing role and how I can present it to my current employer.

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Amplify your marketing and set your team up for success

We want to support your company in the most productive way possible. Whether your marketing team is a solo-employee or a small junior team, we can visit them on-site or host virtual workshops to deliver this strategy training scheme. 

Unlike most traditional training, ours is customised to your business goals and specifically teaches your employees how to work with the marketing tools and systems already available to you. Delivered by expert marketers, it is a training scheme that benefits your business objectives as much as it does employee’s professional development.

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Learn how to present training opportunities to your employer

Are you interested in enhancing your skill set by learning the strategy behind what you do? If you feel like your marketing plans aren’t working to their full potential, it might be time to present a new training opportunity.

We have created a document for you to email straight to your employer which outlines what our marketing strategy training entails and how it would work. Simply download the PDF and ping your boss an email.

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Who is the training delivered by?

Since the training is provided by Girls in Marketing, we send the best marketers on the team to carry out the job. Your marketing strategy sessions and training workshop will be delivered by our Founder & CEO, Olivia Hanlon alongside our Membership Coordinator Amy Lewin. 

Meet your marketing experts…

Olivia Hanlon, Founder & CEO

Olivia single-handedly crafted a strategy and training scheme that she wished was available in the early stages of her marketing career. After speaking with our Members Society members, she realised there are so many strategic elements of marketing that get lost, especially when junior marketers are left to their own devices. 

Olivia is a successful business owner in the marketing space, an SEO expert and has 5+ years of digital marketing experience under her belt. After working in full-time marketing roles and freelancing for multiple clients, she has learned the tricks of the trade and wants to share her knowledge in an interactive way with other marketers.

Amy Lewin, Head of Marketing

Amy is a trusted marketing professional and a Chartered Marketer with a passion for social media, B2C and B2B marketing. With 7+ years of digital marketing experience behind her, Amy is committed to helping other marketers refine their skill set. 

Amy has taught several workshops, both inside and outside of Girls in Marketing, and loves to share her knowledge with new people.

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Your staff don't have to identify as women to take part in this training but we do encourage employers to offer equal opportunities to women in the workplace.